Creative use of colour, texture and arrangement brings out the unique and mysterious in familiar objects and established designs. Join Wendy Rennie, artist and colour expert for Omega Paint, as she takes you on a journey of the mind, eye and heart through the latest styles and colours.
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625 High Build Chlorinated Rubber

Posted On: 6 October 2014

Omega High Build Chlorinated Rubber is a single pack air drying Chlorinated Rubber based finish paint. The product is fast drying, has good flexibility and acid resistance hence ideal finish in marine and chemical environment. It is also suitable for use as traffic paint because of its hardwearing nature.

Omethane Polyurethane

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Omega Omethane Polyurethane is a 2 Pack Polyurethane is heavy duty, two-pack air drying polyurethane finish for suitably primed steel, concrete and timber structures. The product provides excellent durability with superior gloss and colour retention. Ideal top coat for all structures in marine and chemical environment. Available in a wide range of colours.

Quick Dry Dipping Enamel

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Omega Quick Dry Dipping Enamel is a single pack quick drying water based dipping enamel based on Epoxy Ester and Styrene Acrylic copolymer emulsion use in dip in tank for coating all metal articles. It is fast drying with tough uniform coating.

Quick Dry Electro Static Enamel

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Omega Electro Static Enamel is a single pack based on Styrenated and Acrylated modified alkyd. Especially formulated to be applied directly to most Iron and steel surfaces. Provides durability and gives professional end results to railings, fences, swings ornamental articles.

Sugar Mill

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Omega Sugar Mill is a Single pack aluminium paint for roofs and structural steel. The product is easy to apply and has good exterior durability.

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